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Pursuing TRUTH

Key Memory Verses of the Bible

by Francis J. Beckwith
Don't Judge a Banned Book by Its Coverage
The Myth of Prochoice Neutrality
Philosophical Problems With Moral Relativism

by Francis J. Beckwith and Paul Feinberg
Debating the Ethics of Civil Disobedience

by Douglas Groothuis
Confronting the Challenge of Ethical Relativism

by Greg Koukl
A Matter of Interpretation
Arguing Is a Virtue
The Bible: Accurate & True
Christianity's Real Record
Did Morals Evolve?
Do Immaterial Things Exist?
Essential Doctrines
Evolution Can't Explain Morality
Faith and Facts
God Is Not Responsible
God, Strike Me Dead
How Do You Know Christianity Is True?
Jesus and the Gurus
Jesus, Plain and Simple
Jesus, the Only Savior
Jesus: the Antidote
Legal vs. Moral
Morality as a Clue to God
Preference or Truth?
Relativism Interview with Summit Ministries
Relativists & Sociopaths
Ricki Lake: Moral Moron
The Strength of God & the Problem of Evil
"Society Says" Relativism
Some Things are True
Testing "New" Revelation
Testing Religious Truth Claims
There is No Truth?
Unbelievable Unbelief
The Virtues of Virtue
Weighing a Chicken With a Yardstick: Why Science Can't Prove There is No soul
What's Wrong With Experiencing God? - Extensive review
You've Got to Believe Something

by Chuck Missler
The Armor of God: Our Quest for Truth

by J. P. Moreland
Is Science a Help or Threat to Faith?
Potential Personhood
Reflections on the "Good Life"

by Rachel D. Ramer
In Debate with Evolutionists

"There is salvation in none other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." (Acts 4:12)


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